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Board Self-Constraints

Goals and Goal Progress Measures reflect the Vision and Goals of our community. Board Self-Constraints reflect the Values of our community. They are the community's nonnegotiables.    

Board Constraints are specific operational actions that the Governing Board places on itself and members of the Board's Public Stakeholder Committees. These actions keep the Governing Board's focus on the Board Work, align with the Vision and Goals, and are grounded in our Community Values.

Board Constraint 1: The Board will not deviate from the 7CsThrive Board Operating Procedures.

Board Constraint 2: The Board shall not go more than three months without conducting a Self-Evaluation using the Lone Star Governance (LSG) Integrity Instrument.

Board Constraint 3: The Board shall not host fewer than two, semi-annual community meetings.  

Superintendent Constraints

Superintendent Constraints are specific operational actions that the Governing Board places on the Superintendent/ CEO. These actions keep the Superintendent/CEO focused on the Board's expectations. They give the Superintendent/ CEO freedom to act and lead, as long as these constraints are met.

Superintendent Constraint 1: The Superintendent shall not hire any Personnel who do not demonstrate the Core Values of 7Cs Academy.

Superintendent Constraint 2: The Superintendent shall not devote fewer than 70 percent of his time on enrollment efforts within the primary attendance boundary outlined in Policy PG-1.1 District and School Foundations.

Superintendent Constraint 3: The Superintendent will not make operational decisions that prevent access for all students to engage in learning.

Date Issued: December 17, 2020       Date Adopted: January 7, 2021

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