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Educated vs Productive Graph

Personalized Learning for Every Child

The Triangle Model

Core Principles

Our promise to families is: “Send your child to 7Cs Academy for ten years. We will make them educated and productive members of society by eighth grade.” Operationally, we define “educated” as a child mastering grade level content. We define “productive” as a child making a year’s worth of academic growth in a year. This belief stems from our conviction about the power of three “metaphorical” 7Cs coins: “knowledge coins,” “skills coins,” and the “attitudes coins.”  

We expect every eighth grader who has been a student at 7Cs Academy since PreK to become an expert on the 7Cs or seven timeless virtues: Character, Competencies, Communication, Critical thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Citizenship. The triangle of success (see image) represents the 7Cs or seven virtues. Parents call this the "Triangle Model." Competencies and Critical thinking represent two sides of the 7Cs “Knowledge coin.Knowledge coins inspire minds. Communication and Collaboration represent two sides of the 7Cs “Skills coin.Skills coins engage hands and minds. Character and Citizenship represent two sides of the 7Cs “Attitudes coin.Attitude coins kindle hearts. Teacher and student “Creativity” is at the center of the triangle to validate the uniqueness of everyone as teaching and learning become personalized at 7Cs Academy.

Instruction in these 7Cs or seven virtues will teach children what every child must know (“Knowledge”), what they must be able to do (“Skills”) and understand why (“Attitudes”). Children are hardwired knowing what's right. Like fully functioning persons, children know what’s right, do what’s right, because they care about doing what’s right. At 7Cs Academy, we help children discover and demonstrate their innate greatness in a social setting. Children will become avid learners, embracing challenge and mastery of the 7Cs. The whole school community will engage with these Core Principles to make them the goals for every child.

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