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Core and Encore Curriculum

TEKS and SEs matter. This visionary thinking of the 74th Texas Legislature (1995) fits well with our broad definition of “Literacy” and “Numeracy” and shows how at 7Cs Academy we go beyond the PreK–second grade reading and mathematics TEKS to include Character, Citizenship (‘Attitudes’) and the Creativity virtues. 

Litearcy and numeracy are non-negotiable Competencies for every child. At 7Cs Academy, we define literacy and numeracy more broadly, going beyond the PreK-Grade 2 reading and mathematics TEKS

Literacy is everything humans do to communicate and make meaning of the world.

Numeracy is everything humans do to understand ideas, solve problems, reason mathematically, and 

transfer learning from one context to another

To achieve this, we will organize our comprehensive, quality “written” curriculum at 7Cs Academy around two key areas that all children will learn and master: Core Curriculum and the Encore Curriculum. Core curriculum includes English Language Arts & Reading (ELAR); Mathematics; Science; and Social Studies. Encore Curriculum, curriculum that reinforces the Core Curriculum, includes Fine Arts (Music, Arts, & Theater); Health; Physical Education; Technology Applications; and Personal Financial Literacy. According to the Texas Education Agency (2016), the TEKS for each of these courses describe:

“what students should know and be able to do at the end of each grade level or course.”

while student expectations (SEs) identify:

“the specific knowledge and skills that students must demonstrate.”

SEs become important for Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies instruction because they focus on numerous process skills. Process skills describe:

“ways in which students are expected to engage with the content.”

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