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Educational Philosophy

At 7Cs Academy, we are determined to have every eighth grader graduate as an expert in the 7Cs: Character, Competencies, Communication, Critical thinking, Collaboration, Creativity, and Citizenship. Instruction on the these 7Cs, or seven virtues, will teach children early what they should know, should be able to do, and understand why. 

When children become experts on these timeless virtues grounded in our Core Principles, they become individuals who can think critically and solve problems. Professor Levitt predicted it best. "The absence of a problem leads to the absence of thinking." We achieve our vision by anchoring learning within the context of dilemma stories at 7Cs Academy. 

The data shows too many children start school way behind―even as early as prekindergarten (PreK). With consistent practice and focus on the 7Cs, all children, starting with PreK–2, will master the knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for success. With this newly acquired skillset and mindset, practiced over seven to ten years at 7Cs Academy, the most at-risk children will no longer struggle in high school or in life.

Vision, Mission, and Core Values

VISION: To develop socially responsible citizens.

MISSION: To inspire students to think critically, to solve problems, and to make a positive contribution to their communities as they thrive in life.

CORE VALUES: Graciousness, Resilience, Accountability, Curiosity, and Excellence.

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