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Designing Learning 2.0 for Student Success

The Designing Learning 2.0 (DL 2.0) Model shows our multifaceted intervention plan to deliver whole child education. It sets every student up for success by developing MASTERS of STREAMS* from PreK - Grade 8. The Designing Learning 2.0 Model builds on the innate curiosity of every student by using our evidence-based practice to help every student demonstrate his/her mastery of the Core Principles.

Specifically, the second component of the DL 2.0 Model focuses on the WHY of teaching and learning (instruction). It teaches every student the critical lesson that life is all about choices. These dilemma stories  build on students' instinct-based strengths (Conation). By building intellectual, human, and character virtues in every student, these accessible stories develop children's knowledge, skills, and attitudes for lifelong success.  

The first component of the DL Model (both DL 1.0 and DL 2.0) focuses on the HOW of teaching and learning. The Model has consistently accelerated STEM learning for all students, including underrepresented students. Grounded in cognitive and neuroscience theories, the DL Model counters the Literacy and Numeracy Gaps (on the TEKS) between students from various backgrounds. 

Both models (DL 1.0 and DL 2.0) achieve the WHAT of teaching and learning - significant improvements in student achievement with two or more years of student academic growth. With this proven practice of DL 1.0 for over 17 years, we will increase equity and opportunity for every student with DL 2.0.

*STREAMS = Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, & Social Studies

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