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At 7Cs Academy, we focus on child-centered, needs-based, hands-on STREAM [Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics] learning. Those familiar with project-based, technology-enhanced learning may see some similarities here. Others familiar with Madeline Hunter’s approach to mastery learning and Montessori education might see some similarities between the individual instruction, small-group instruction, and in-depth​ practice with ‘Designing Learning.' 

At 7Cs Academy, we know that we will be preparing children for what the world might be like 20 to 25 years from now when these children become 30 years old. To help children become the STREAM leaders of the 2040s, our approach is intentional in its relentless focus on helping every child becoming an expert on these Core Principles. Our Academy will teach children during their most impressionable years what every child must know (“Knowledge”), be able to do (“Skills”), and understand why (“Attitudes”).

With globalization and the new knowledge economy that has shrunk the world, our children need different skillsets and mindsets to compete in a future that we cannot yet fully imagine. The pace of development and innovation is so exponential that it is going to require deep learning of children who can collaborate and adapt to rapid change with agility and flexibility to become lifelong learners. This deep learning is “good for all but is especially effective for those most disconnected from schooling” (Fullan, Quinn, & McEachen, 2018).
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